Curwens Gallery, Royston
12th November 2014 to 15th January 2015

Graham will be exhibiting a range of his smaller work, clocks, boxes, and turned work, in addition to some small furniture pieces. He is fortunate to be sharing the exhibition space with works by two other very talented local artists. Christina Renwick creates Botanical Paintings with exquisite detail, while Mike Dobson's portraits are simply stunning (see below). If you are in Royston, please do take a look during normal working hours..


Curwens Gallery is at 17 High Street, Royston, Hertfordshire

The exhibition will be open during normal working hours.



Christina Renwick

Mike Dobson

"While I appreciate the beauty, variety and colour of flowers, it is the seed head in its many forms and structures that fascinates me the most. I particularly enjoy working in graphite, showing the detail of the natural cycle of growth, decay and death of the plant, while holding the promise of life."




"I started painting after retiring 5 years ago & now paint almost every day. My subjects are varied, however, they do generally relate to areas of my own interests i.e. early rock music, wildlife & aircraft. I work in any medium (oils to ballpoint pens) or materials (canvas to cardboard boxes) & try hard to progress & develop each new work with both success & disaster."