Graham has been asked may times to restore older pieces of furniture; the heirlooms of the past which have seen better days. Often they show the signs of heavy use or accidental damage, or they may have deteriorated after being stored in damp out-houses or centrally heated homes.

Historic houses have a habit of hiding problems that are not immediately obvious, and the same can said for old furniture. Each piece must be assessed, and any areas of damage or decay identified. Often ways must be found to dismantle joints, to make pieces structurally sound, and to restore damaged surfaces that have been dented, stained and bleached by years of sunlight, while conserving as much as possible of the original piece.


Restoration work can be challenging, but is always interesting and rewarding. It is always a pleasure and a privilege to breathe new life into pieces that are often loved possessions which have been passed down from generations gone by.

Rosewood Demi-Lune Card Table before restoration
Restored Rosewood Demi-Lune Card Table

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Restored Bureau in Flame Veneered Mahogany

Flame Veneered Bureau

Restored Barley-Twist Chair

Barley-Twist Chair

Refurbished Globe Wernicke Book Case

Globe Wernicke Book Case

Restored Rosewood Demi-Lune Card Table

'Demi-Lune Card Table

Refurbished Globe Wernicke Book Case

Japanese Drawer Chest

Restored Metronome in Gloss Black


Restored Mahogany Cutlery Cabinet

Cutlery Cabinet

Restored Metronome in Gloss Black

University Hall Chair

Collectors Cabinet 01a.jpg

Miniature Drawer Chest